EMPOWER     ENCOURAGE     ADVISE          women of all ages

1.  empower young ladies to take their role as the divine feminine energy (age 7-18)
2.  encourage women to follow their dreams in the professional industry (STEM) (age 18-30)
3.  advise established entrepreneurs on the benefits of WBE (age 30 - )


  • provide empowerment thru existing NPOs
  • end submissive upbringing by guiding young girls into big sister programs and guiding young boys in how to respect girls 
  • bringing the roots back to the next generations by guiding them how to live in harmony with nature


  • build self confidence in all future professionals to give them the tools so that they can accomplish anything, without limits
  • introduce all industries including: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
  • encourage mentorship or internships 
  • provide start up consulting for their businesses; prepare company for investors


  • Women Based Enterprise designation provides many benefits in the business world; guide entrepreneurs thru this process and add them to my existing networks of over 30 years
  • Connecting businesses with corporate supplier diversity programs
  • Negotiate business transactions for growth or exit strategy, all with conscious business ethics, all thru truth and love.
  • Preparing and providing resources for women investing in women

SJH Synergy, LLC                                                      Empowerment